About the COVID Checker

The COVID Checker was built by Yoko Co as an easy-to-deploy tool for hospitals, health systems and medical professionals.


The tool is fully customizable. It can be re-skinned and restyled to match your brand. All of the form fields can be customized and new fields can be added as needed.

Additionally, the diagnosis logic and results pages can be fully customized and even localized to direct users to the facility nearest them.

Data Privacy

The tool is available in anonymous or HIPAA-compliant versions. If you choose not to collect personal information, you may be fine with the anonymous version.

If you choose to collect user data, it can be stored safely in a way that your providers can access it and proactively reach out to a patient, or pull it up when a patient arrives for their screening.


The tool can be rapidly deployed as a fully-hosted plug-and-play solution (like what you see here), or configured in a way that can be embedded into any existing website or page.

Get Started

To learn more about using the COVID Checker, reach out to us by emailing questions@yokoco.com or visit yokoco.com/contact.